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Skaters Banquet and Award Night

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Here are our results for the awards

Hali Praestegaard Memorial, Best Interpretive Skater: Alexandra Stephenson for Senior, and Sara Lewis for Junior.
Labey's Mechanical All Round Skater, Well Balanced Person/Skater: Elyse Richmond
Gold Achievment: Alexandra Stephenson Gold Dance, Brady Whitson Gold Freeskate,
Sam Bleich Gold Skills, Emma Nieuwesteeg Gold Dance and Gold Freeskate, Abby Ann Hughes Gold Skills, Kaitlyn Poirier Gold Dance
Completed All Four Gold Disciplines’ in Figure Skating: Brady Whitson
Most Dedicate Skaters: Jr. Skater-Ashlynn Saluk, Sr. Skater-Emma Nieuwesteeg
Club Service Awards, Years of Service with the Fernie Skating Club:
Sue Lipkewich, Claire Poirier and Sherry Teeple
Starskate Group Test Talent Award, Jump Start Skater: Ava Mattasdoffer
Test Point trophy: Junior Skater-Sara Lewis, Senior Skater– Jodi Thompson
Winter Games: Emma Nieuwesteeg and Anna Koltai
Sportsmanship Award, Skaters Choice Award: Junior Skater-Kyra Doehle,
Senior Skater-Sonia Mende
Canskate Program Assistant Award: Help coaching young skaters with the Professional Coaches: Sonia Mende
Gladys Littler Memorial Award (Carnival Chairperson’s): Laura-Lee Phillips,
Sue Lipkewich, Claire Poirier, and Sherry Teeple
Graduating Skaters: Kaitlyn Poirier, Shayla Lipkewich, Brady Whitson, and Leah Teeple





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